What is a mobile app?
A mobile application is a program that runs on tablet PCs and smartphones. With the help of programs, the owner of the device solves practical problems:
Connects to the Internet and
publishes photos in social networks
Edits text or images and
destroys virtual orcs
Listens to music
How to determine the necessary functionality of the application
At this stage, it is necessary to formulate the purpose and tasks that the application solves. In other words, you need to understand why you are creating a program for mobile devices. Please note that this issue should not be considered from a business point of view. Everyone knows that behind formulations like "improve the quality of service" and "provide comfort to smartphone owners" hides a specific business goal - to stimulate sales. But it will not help to plan the functionality of the program.
Consider the purpose and objectives of the application from the client's perspective.
The app should have easy navigation. The client should be able to search for products by categories, specified parameters, manufacturers.

The program should have a convenient shopping block: shopping cart, payment system, order status tracking.

The application needs a personal account. It will have sections "Purchase History", "Wishes", "Favorites".

Services and applications for creating mobile applications for Android and iOS
With the help of mobile designers, you can develop applications with different functionality. You can choose a universal service or a designer sharpened to create applications of a certain type.
Such services have the designation low-code or no-code, which indicates the possibility of creating a product according to a template with minimal or no programming at all (from ready-made blocks). If your business does not involve its own development department, then you can try solutions without code. To get the most out of the functionality, it's still worth learning a little about languages and development platforms.
Today, when foreign platforms, if not closed to Russia, then lose the ability to pay for their services, it is worth paying attention to Russian services for creating mobile applications.
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Our Company
BOIDUR is a global IT company that has been developing in three directions since 2011. We provide education in the field of IT, are engaged in custom software development, and also develop our own B2B products.
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Ways to promote the program
Keep in mind that the idea of improving work using a mobile application is implemented in almost all companies. The competition among such programs is very high, so it is necessary to take care of the issues of advertising and promotion of your service in advance.
Obviously, the most popular type of promotion is advertising. She encourages the user to install the application and briefly talks about its advantages. For advertising, you need to choose sites that are interesting to your target audience.

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