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In this comedy movie scene, the competition heats up in a Madmen parody to POKE FUN at Hollywood award shows as Celebrity judges help plan the "Premier Lovers™ of Jesus" Award Nominees & Awards Show, to support Megachurch pastor Joel Osteens request for his 7 million followers to "Buy lingerie for their girlfriend or wife". in 2011 Joel had told CNN's Piers Morgan, "All the men were thanking me after that service!", so "Gods will" creates this mega event that DOUBLES his followers around the globe, and tries to SAVE Charlie Sheen from the "Devils Demons" that possess his mind & body.

"Victoria on 1/26/11: I think Joel should say stuff like that more often!"

This episode is dedicated to Joel & Victoria Osteen, as "Victoria's Secret" was revealed that every women should wear sexy lingerie!
We hope to answer THEIR prayers in this SPECIAL episode that God "willed us" to create to try and SAVE Charlie Sheen from the "Devils Demons" that possess him and to show Charlie what "Winning" really is! Will Charlie complete a challenge of a MRI brain scan to show the damage from his demons to the world? This BREAKING NEWS is credited to CNN's Piers Morgans 1/26/11 interview! The Premier Lovers™ (of Jesus) Awards Show Season One Finale is such a success, it is spun off into its own show for Season Two!


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