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Learn more about our #MaximCoverGirl investigation and SEC Platform testing that resulted in:

a) BLACK BOXES ATTACKING our show 6/17/19

b) Our Google Hangouts SHUT DOWN 6/15/19

c) 8/15/19 PROOF Google RIGGS PLATFORMS as Project Veritas: Google Machine Learning Fairness Whistleblower Goes Public, says: burden lifted off of my soul!

(RTs Ben Swann) covers the Google whistleblower that is ALSO ATTACKED by San Fran Police for spilling the beans! ha! ha!

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BLACK BOXES attacking our show 6/17/19


BLACK BOXES attacking our show 6/17/19
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Premier Lover™ of TRUTH show now in dev!!


Premier Lover™ of TRUTH #MaximCoverGirl SPECIAL INVESTIGATION!

Brittany Lee got scammed in #MaximCoverGirl contest!

The shows include discussions on the following subjects:

1) We will ALL be judged. Its really about protecting defenseless children as follows:

1 a) - We have major TREASON happening, no small matter here at all!

"Thats all the devil wants of the son of God to be let alone.

That is all that the criminal wants of the law to be let alone.

The #sin of #doing #nothing is the #deadliest of #all the #seven #sins.

It has been said that for evil men to accomplish their purpose it is only necessary that good men should do nothing.

1 b) - We will be recording actions of INACTIONS, of those that are presented with basic facts of evil threatening our children in the USA and DOING NOTHING?


b) Deagal threat now 100 USA million survivors, was 54 million by 2025?

c) CERN MIND CONTROL tech now 60 years in the making as shown in #StarTrek #Spock kisses #tranny episode!

d) USA Senior INTEL agencies and private corporations CAN NOT hire MIND CONTROLLED individuals, that may be involved in providing material support for TREASONOUS WAR CRIMES against the USA citizens. We have documented cases of spies the FBI is dealing with and possible Russian Spy threats as shown on

TopAltMedia™ and DisinfoAgents™ .

These individuals that are MIND CONTROLLED would present a serious risk of $ losses to any corporation as we have documented the ENTIRE Experian Credit database being stolen and the Sony email hacks on TopAltMedia™ and WatchPickWin™ .

2) Why all TV, Film, Global gov woman are actually trannys? We will discuss the satanic religion and why they run the world and raise men up as WOMEN , and women up as MEN, as DECEPTION AGENTS to honor their goat God that has tits! ha! ha!

Learn more by visiting TVShowHero™ Awards where we
POKE FUN at Satanic Hollywood Award Shows! ha! ha!

3) Why we picked the stars subject to discuss Evil Hollywood and how they are used to worship the EVIL FALLEN ANGELS?
Learn more by visiting TopAltMedia™

4) Why we have so many #ControlledOpposition agents on Youtube doing shows?
Learn more by visiting DisInfoAgents™
Why they PUBLISH horrific child crime murders for the PUBLIC to see and when they DO NOTHING, This is considered IMPLIED CONSENT! This is Part of their BLACK MAGIC as discribed here in detail about Hermeticism
This is why 4 of our videos have been deleted as of 12/3/2018 on our
#BestYoutube2018 Playlist

This video has not been deleted, as we are from Mpls., MN and know many that work for Cargill?

See our 12/18/18 #MplsMakesHamburgerfromChildren? Tweet to Mpls., MN Mayor @Jacob_Frey on this

Premier Lover™ of TRUTH is a Premier Imagery™ production
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5 - a) Why we have so much news to INSTALL FEAR as a way of controlling humans? Is #ControlledOpposition agent Dr. Katherine Horton correct about the Deagel Report that shows that 227,000,000 million Americans will die in the next 7 years. (Thats 2/3 people that will die if this website is correct!)
Learn more by visiting Deagel USA .

5 - b) The story about how Valentines day became a Freemason pagan holiday after a goat was killed and a guy was covered in goat blood with a crazy note box?

( that women were given to pick from as that would be who they would BE WITH for the next year? and why little kids are taught this same satan crap in school!)
Learn more by visiting Bloody goat history of Valentines day, a pagan holiday .

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