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In 2008 we helped Stephen T. Colbert Win his 1st Emmy Award
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a) BLACK BOXES ATTACKING our show 6/17/19

b) Our Google Hangouts SHUT DOWN 6/15/19

c) 8/15/19 PROOF Google RIGGS PLATFORMS as Project Veritas: Google Machine Learning Fairness Whistleblower Goes Public, says: burden lifted off of my soul!

(RTs Ben Swann) covers the Google whistleblower that is ALSO ATTACKED by San Fran Police for spilling the beans! ha! ha!

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BLACK BOXES attacking our show 6/17/19


BLACK BOXES attacking our show 6/17/19
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About the Operation S.W.E.E.T. Christmas Project

Support World Essential Enlightenment Teams

Our company Designer Systems Inc, launched in 1987 serving new tech to clients including: Target , QVC, NWA, U of MN, Travelers, ING, American Express, etc...
In 2004 the Powered by Comedy™ LLC & Premier Imagery™ subsidiaries were created to write and produce Award Winning TV, Movie and New Tech Game Advertising Systems.

The first OFFICIAL Gift was created for Stephen T.Colbert during the fall of 2007. Since Stephen lost both his writers and his chance to be in the 2008 election, we decided that the Colbert Nation deserved a "Colbert Bump", and our Atlanta team created the Emmy Award Winning Christmas Gift TickettoHappiness™ script, via a video featuring Miranda, our very talented actress, to thank Jon, Stephen & his production team

Watch Colbert show off OUR script Jan 8th 2008
PBC2008-01-08 Colbert Emmy Winning Ticket to Happiness com Script.mp4

12/09/2016 #Earth Sheriff 50 Time Jokes UPDATE:

For those that want a GOOD LAUGH, look at this video for 50 Effect Changes in under 4 minutes!

Happy Holidays to EVERYONE!

Visit the Mall of America: a) Barnes Noble b) Gump Restaurant for EVIDENCE the #EarthSheriff™ has Now FOUND!

(like the Star Wars book shows 3CPO robot is all gold!) 50 Mandela Effect Examples

50 Best Mandela Effect Examples - in Under 4 minutes!


Colbert is also BUSTED for covering up major DWAVE Quantum Computer Time Changes crimes!

The History of our Emmy Award Winning Script:

(We were a Surprise The Colbert Report™ Ghost Writer during the 2007 Writers Strike, since "Gifts from Fans" Should be Allowed Right Hollywood?)

The History of Hollywoods most Famous Ghost Writer

Dalton Trumbo won an Oscar for The Brave One (1956), written under the name Robert Rich.
In 1975, the Academy officially recognized Trumbo as the winner and presented him with a statuette. 15 years later!
On 12/19/2011, the's new president fixed the credits, as Dalton Trumbo's final death bed request was
officially granted!

A special thanks to "Barrie", a VIP contact in the Prime Time Emmy Awards Dept.

at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences in Hollywood for verbally accrediting our Emmy Award Winning status for our script!
(during a phone conversation shortly after the 2008 Prime Time Emmy Awards)


(Colbert painted an ENTIRE house)


Bryan website updates made 9/14/2014?

#EarthSheriff™ WINNER UPDATE! Congrats Louis C.K.! You WON! Just DONT Sell YOUR Soul to Satan!

( or the EarthSheriff™ will Write YOU an IDIOT Ticket™ Ha! Ha! Ha!)


Louis C.K. website updates made 3/28/2015


We POKE FUN at Comedian Jerry Seinfeld with our Earth Sheriff™ Joke for Evil! ha! ha!
(since he is very evil of course another goat cult guy?)

Sorry EVIL, No Heaven for YOU! ha! ha! ha!™



EXCLUSIVE 3/11/16 radio Interview w Emmy Award Winning Comedy Ghost Writer David Rydberg!

Learn Never before Told Secrets about THE COLBERT REPORT 1/8/2008 Script!

and Casper The Friendly Ghost joke, Trumbo movie Ghost Writer Connection! CLICK HERE to Play X-Files: Truth is Stranger than Fiction Show MP3 Ad FREE!