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PoweredByComedy™ "The Movie" Scene: X-Files INTEL UFO DISINFO SuperBowl Win50k™ Competition!

We began writing this movie story 8/16/15, as we saw #DavidWilcock/ #CoreyGoode were BOTH LYING

about a cabal INTEL dump that they NEVER DID , while asking for $ donations for the cause?

Join our Linkedin group to learn more about why we feature the #MallofAmerica in the movie storyline?

The first Earth Sheriff™ question would seem to be about the

Swiss-Nazi $1,000,000,000 Settlement AP Story?

and Why was a Minnesota guy locked up in a Swiss Nazi prison camp?

as shown on

Join our Linkedin group to Discuss these topics and learn more about the NWO #Divide2Conquer Op that is at Full Throttle Now via 400,000 Dark INTEL agents lurking on the web as shown on that push
100+ Topics to argue about to DISTRACT from NWO Switzerland Evil Nazi Headquarters that Sean Hross has fully documented as shown on and documented by the #DeepStateMappingProject as shown:


While we are working with many global TV executives from China to Europe, the movie will be branded as

Earth Sheriff™ , #BigShort2™ ,

PoweredByComedy™ , WatchPickWin™ , or Sorry Evil NO HEAVEN FOR YOU!™

based on what movie title that market ACTUALLY PREFERS?

(The movie story most likely will use many titles in a series of movies to be released, as the movie story is easily over 6 hours? 4 movies?

When we have time we will feature PewDiePie and Marzia Trivia Questions for MOA Prizes!

The #BigShort2 movies WatchPickWin™ game in 2019 will feature PewDiePie and Marzia Trivia Questions for MOA Prizes!

The most famous couple on planet Earth we hear?


*** BREAKING 10/24/18 NEWS! ***
Marzia deletes all her YT vids, Watch Hello Budapest before its deleted!

BREAKING NEWS! 5/19/2017 @PewDiePie DELETED his 5 year anniversary video 1 hour after we featured it?

Now we ask Philip DeFranco, is @PewDiePie a Russian Spy ha! ha! ha!
We ask Philip DeFranco to help get answers to this @PewDiePie MYSTERY?

See our comment on

WHO IS LYING?! Hacker Hysteria, Conspiracy Theories, and Classified Secrets

Our upcoming Mall of America WatchPickWin™ game Trivia Prizes may include a few places we Love like!


Shripal Morakhia, Chief Imagination Officer, Founder and

Keshav Baljee, CEO of Smaaash at The Mall of America.

Join our Linkedin group to learn more about NEW evidence we have found about Prince?

for our TRUTHER fans we present:










Soros Says: I did it Mitt, I got my 50 womens groups to dress up like Vagina's!
Now Pay Up the $50,000 GRAND CASH we bet at our Jesuit meeting! ha! ha!



We must, indeed, all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.

— Benjamin Franklin, as quoted in The Works of Benjamin Franklin.

By John Whitehead | The Rutherford Institute | November 29, 2016

#Divide2Conquer ?

It s one of the oldest military strategies in the books, and it s proven to be the police state s most effective weapon for maintaining the status quo.

How do you conquer a nation?


We Can ALL Agree the Jesuits Joke is on us!

as Our FIRST PICK WOULD NEVER BE: #PizzaGate Podesta Hillary or Trump to run the U.S.A.! ha! ha!

Obamas TPP Boys, almost sold the U.S.A. to the George #Soros Pawn Shop!

"If the United States passes regulations that hurt a foreign corporation’s bottom line,

that company will be able to sue us in a secret a foreign tribunal whose decision is final and unappealable.

Now we know Donalds Trumps deal with Casino 29 did not work out well, we also know

its a better to TRY AND FAIL, THEN FAIL @ TRYING?

Most business owners agree its best to look at this as an $ Opportunity?

We Helped Investigate the Murder of China's $6 Trillion Dollar man

Mr. Adnan Sakli, bailout Banker 1987-2014


as Mr. Sakli brought 12 ships of Gold to the USA from the generous Chinese after our 1987 crash.

We can SAFELY Say Only those that help Investigate Mr. Sakli's Murder

could be Trusted to do an Honest China deal, as we have family in China?

A few facts about Adnan Sakli:

1) His Linkedin profile showing him BIS owner/ Global currency underwriter:

2) Some notes made by a guy that knew him, but we disagree with his socialist agenda and the fact they he CLEARLY misleads folks in not sharing the true Swiss-Nazi War Crimes and their #Fifth Column that is running the world to this day as well documented by the AP $1 billion Swiss-Nazi settlement as shown on


The Nazi SS Picture that Got NYT Times David Carr Killed 2/13/2015, Friday the 13th!!

Cuz they wanted to use Whiteout on the Nazi Flag!

BeTheTarget™, in memory of NYT David Carr

For this reason I am calling Alex Mike Cechanowicz out for FAILING to DISCLOSE key facts that led to the death of Adnan Sakli, and I question his motives for that?

"Adnan Sakli had his hands around the throat of the “beast”and it is essentially dead but will not realize it quite yet. In essence, he still has his hands around the throat of the beast even after his death because his accounts are essentially frozen. He was waiting for them to show up at the negotiation table. They never came. They are afraid that their games and criminal activities will be exposed. They know only a parasitic form of life. Unable to create anything of real value for themselves they are committed to living off the efforts of others."

"My note: Adnan recognized that the Bush family was behind 9/11 after gold that was stolen from the vaults, was melted down in Indochina to be re-stamped. A part of the cache was take to UBS to be entered into the system.

It was discovered that it was the dragon gold stolen from the Twin Tower Vaults. The agents were killed and the gold was melted down again with the proper owners stamp, back to China, held by Adnan Sakli.

Mike Cechanowicz 14.3.2014

Adnan was very clear about the fact that if they managed to kill him, the accounts would be sent into "lock-down" with lawyers that did not have the access keys to the accounts.

He said that, by the time the court cases are settled, the world will have gone into chaos. If he has indeed died, we have a serious problem on our hands.

China did send the USA 12 Ships of THE Royal Dragon Family Gold after the 1987 Crash,

and that FACT should be REMEMBERED?
(via Mr. Adnan Sakli, the China Bailout Banker 1987-2014?)

in the #BigShort2 Movie, the actresses playing @SherylSandberg

will do the famous #Divide2Conquer Speech

that @POTUS Trump does not do?

In the speech Ms. Sandberg covers the Clinton baggage issues to

Win the following of BOTH parties GOP and DNC by saying the following:

We will be looking into why CBS Atlanta #1 Truther Ben Swann was silenced and

had his social media accounts shut down!

Since this has never happened before, We will be hiring


1000 EarthSheriff™ Deputy investigators

to look into the following Clinton baggage issues?

1) 100 Worst Fedbullies™ Leaks,

and ASKING ALL elected officials / Hollywood actors what their favorite LEAK is?

2) 100 Worst Fedbullies™ Scandals,

and ASKING ALL elected officials / Hollywood actors what their favorite FELONY is?


3) Bldg 7 Trump 9/11 video where he says Bombs blew it up and and

ASKING ALL Elected Officials / Hollywood actors WHY they didnt SHARE THIS?

if they REALLY Love America?

Our featured AltMediaStars™ that have Died RIP!

Adnan Sakli RIP
USA Ballout Banker 1987-2/27/2014 $6 Trllion Dollar Man


Mr Mrs. David Crowley
Gray State RIP 1/19/15

"The Grande Dame Of Consciousness"


NYT David Carr
RIP 2/13/2015

menu Michael Ruppert RIP


CBS Bob Simon
RIP 2/13/2015
60 Minutes


@W0TM, Gary Yantice, RIP 11/30/16
CERN Time/CGI Warrior

Dave Goldberg
RIP 5/2/2015
10 Questions?

Jimmy Dore: CIA Agent Says Don't Believe CIA On Trump/Russia!-John Kiriakou

Jimmy Dore: Thank You, Hillary! Our Response To The Tonight Show's Hillary Love Fest!

Learn how Pirate Capt JP Morgan Steals all $ Valuables on Earth
with his Bitcoin Black Magic and Global Distractions!

Part of the NWO threat invloves controlling everyone via the money slave system,
as the BRICS Yuan Chinese dollar banking/Global Bitcoin Roulette Wheel is rolled out and

Large Bills were just OUTLAWED in India 11/6/2016 by Pirate Capt J.P. Morgan and his crew!


Of course like any good Black Magic magician, DISTRACTIONS are key to fooling the masses!


Their actual MOTTO!

Any PRO INTEL person will tell you that Bitcoin is all about the theft of all money on Planet Earth. First you roll out fiber to Billions of farmers in China!

Next you destroy their currency by dumping counterfeit Yuan Chinese Bills, so the Chinese TAKE THE BITCOIN bait, as the screen shows who is buying the worthless Bitcoin?


Pirate Capt JP Morgan has bought 500 million ounces of silver,

and has had the priced fixed at $16 ounce for 1 year, proving the prices are not at all market prices but in fact the selling price when 500 plus gunman have their guns aimed at your head when the Mining Execs want to sell the silver they just mined?

Mining Execs are so dumb they actually think a court case will bring them justice when we all know Judge Scalia was killed since he knew that all judges come from one school, and the fact that all the courts are rigged is easily proven as the FBI in Mpls., MN had to take their Super Value Corp coupon fraud case to Washinton D.C. in 2008?

All the proof you need is when even the FBI cant get an honest judge for a Major COUPON FRAUD that cost General Mills and other food corps 10-20 $ million dollars from the scam executed by the Mpls., MN Super Value Execs in 2002-2008?

Friday the 13th 2017 is an Unlucky Day for Chinese Bitcoin Investors!
Bitcoin Scam Forces New Banking Laws to Stop Margin Bitcoin investments! reported on their website October 2016, their Bitcoin money magically disappeared?

John Young has since pulled the message off their website, since even these pros were scammed by the

Now You See Me 3 Movie plot?

$300 Million Secretly DISAPPEARS from Bitcoin Wallets Nov 2017!

ONLY 1600 Folks OWN 99% of Bitcoin!


$300 Million Secretly DISAPPEARS from Bitcoin Wallets Nov 2017!

Theft victims etc..., will never see their bitcoin again, Why its NO LONGER accepted? and another master gamer quickly lost $80,000 cash

After the hack of his Bitcoin data, they used Remote nano tools to hack his brain and had him locked up? StopTheCrime.Net documents their master plan to Destroy ANYONE they please by remotely hacking their brains via nano technology

so they can be quickly admitted to the nearest mental institution to shut them up?
Part of the distraction involves CONTROLLED OPPOSITION to the real information that Truthers have been sharing for years!

For this reason you will find many DISTRACTIONs from the Truth as

X-Files has disclosed in their TV Shows that 99% of what you have been told is LIES ABOUT EVERYTHING!



I was the first author to point out that the CIA's most important "Cover Story is that of an "Intelligence" agency. Of course the CIA does make use of "intelligence" and "intelligence gathering", but that is largely a front for its primary interest,

"Fun and Games."

The CIA is the center of a vast mechanism that specializes in Covert Operations...or as Allen Dulles used to call it, "Peacetime Operations".

In this sense, the CIA is the willing tool of a higher level Secret Team, or High Cabal, that usually includes representatives of the CIA and other instrumentalities of the government, certain cells of the business and professional world and, almost always, foreign participation.

It is this Secret Team, its allies, and its method of operation that are the principal subjects of this book.


While we did bust UFO DISINFO scam artists Corey Goode and David Wilcock!

Its easy to see WHO all the Scammers are Since their Mission is to Keep you Busy Watching Their YT crap!

Watch the Video by KNOWN #ControlledOpposition Anonymous?

1) Wikileaks and the Rothschild Connection

CIA have been using Wikileaks to bring down Gov and black mail govs that was the aim at only

releasing certain material since 2014

“World bankers, by pulling a few simple levers that control the flow of money, can make or

break entire economies. By controlling press releases of economic strategies that shape national trends,

the power elite are able to not only tighten their stranglehold on this nation’s economic structure,

but can extend that control world wide. Those possessing such power would logically want to

remain in the background, invisible to the average citizen.”

#1 NYT continues a close relationship with US intelligence + Pentagon + Homeland Security.

#2 CIA’s “Operation Mocking Bird (1950s)” with objective to influence US + Foreign Media

= 400 Members of US media were enlisted by the CIA (1977 CIA documents)

= Shared their notebooks with the CIA + Editors shared their staffs – CBS + Tirne Inc + NYT +

LouisviIle Courier-Journal + Copley News Service + ABC + NBC + AP + UPI + Reuters + Hearst +

Scripps-Howard + Newsweek + MBS + Miami Herald + Saturday Evening Post + New York Herald-Tribune.

— Carl Bernstein

CIA = TODAY IS a mammoth propaganda network involving a number of agencies of government


= Media disinformation has become institutionalized = Lies + Fabrications + FALSE FLAGS

= Mouthpiece of ROTHSCHILDS ZIONIST US foreign policy.


= 400 Members of US media were enlisted by the CIA (1977 CIA documents)

Dr Udo Ulfkotte Killed Friday the 13th 1/13/2017 RIP,

same Evil day as NYT David Carr Killed?

Hero Who Exposed CIA Infiltration and Manipulation Of Media Found Dead

Dr Udo Ulfkotte, journalist and author, on RT

ROTHSCHILD ZIONIST GOALS = “A relatively few well-connected correspondents provide the

(ROTHSCHILDS APPROVED) scoops, that get the coverage…” = Chaim Kupferberg,

The Propaganda Preparation of 9/11, Global Research, September 19, 2002

911 changed Medias role to PERPETUATE the ROTHSCHILDS PROFITABLE “Global War on Terrorism”

(GWOT) + COVERUP war crimes = Rumsfeld created the Office of Strategic Influence (OSI), or

“Office of Disinformation” as it was labeled by its critics = “Plant stories that were false

in foreign countries to influence public opinion across the world.” — Fox News December 26, 2002

ROTHSCHILD ZONIST CORPORATE MEDIA = Instrument of war propaganda


DOES NOT WANT = YET BOTH ALSO CLAIM TO Promote transparency and truth in media.

OPPOSITE GOALS IN THIS Incongruous Relationship.

We are going through emails as we speak That were from the dead man switch labeled

Kerry and all the file attached were pics from Antarctica and all have hidden messages in them.

It may take some time to break and go through them all?

Wikileaks Update - Timeline of Events Julian Assange

2) Black Ops has Taken Over Murdered MN Crowleys GRAY State Movie w New 2016 Trailer!

3) Earth

Ever wondered what you are doing on Planet Earth?

4) TR3B Spacecraft OFFICIAL USAF Documents

5) Top 100 FedBullies™ Leaks!

For you USG INTEL DISINFO agents, we know you dont want to be the BUTT of the Joke

in the next #BIGSHORT2 Movie! (Now in Dev)

When your INTEL Retirement $ Pkg is Worthless! ha! ha!
and YES we have a plan to SAVE your Retirement!

Just back USA dollar w minerals from Mars, Saturn, Moon bases,

Do a CNN WhiteHouse Press Release showing our Ships!

This would FIX $ Investor/Consumer/Wallstreet Confidence INSTANTLY!

Washington Post: The House just passed a bill about space mining


Learn more about the TR3B/Helium-3 MOON MINING RACE between the US and China!

We hope our analysis helps WAKE YOU UP, since our fans include MR W a City Attorney from Washington DC.

We quickly saw that there would be no cabal INTEL DUMP,

if CABAL whistleblower SOURCES were going to be DISCLOSED TO THE PUBLIC!

Which of course results in INSTANT DEATH?

(RIP NYT David Carr, CBS 60 Minutes Bob Simon 2/13/2015)

RIP Mpls., MN Crowley family, as we EXPOSE 2/23/2016!
DISINFO boy Tory Smith is "CABAL CRIMES MEDIA" so they can Brag!

CONFIRMED by our INTEL sources, as he would be dead from a drone yesterday! ha! ha!
Tory Smith YT Channel does DISCLOSE all their weekly crimes thru July 13th 2016!

Yes Tory Smith announced July 13th 2016 that he is done with his YT videos

EXPOSING where all the #PizzaGate Bodies were disposed!
A few weeks after our June 23rd Warning post to him that he was going to an OFF PLANET Prison! ha! ha!

Ben Swann covers PizzaGate via CBS 46
after our 12/8/16, 12/21/16 CBS Colbert Satan Party Jokes! ha! ha!

Reality Check: Is #Pizzagate "Fake News" or Has It Just Not Been Officially Investigated?

They love to HIDE STUFF IN PLAIN SIGHT! Their actual motto!

INFO Released on the Murder of Mpls., MN. Filmmaker David Crowley

Solving this Mpls., MN Filmmakers murder for the Earth Sheriff™

"When I look at Crowley's DNA at the time of his death,

it says he was murdered by 3 CIA agents named Ted, Brian, and Mark"

Makes sure to see all Tory Smith s Google Plus posts on Oprah, Obama made in a lab, and other Historical crime BRAGGING information!

Tory Smith PLUS DISCLOSES Many Huge Cabal Crimes including:

1) Obama made in a lab, etc..

2) Weekly Child Rape/Murders: Names dates, MILAB Locations, etc..

3) Dead Children in our Food, etc..

4) Scalia Murder Details, etc..

5) Satan/Lucifer are really EVIL Draco Reptilians, ONGOING child Sacrifices etc..

6) Cabal Hits: JFK, Michael Jackson, Mpls., MN. Filmmaker David Crowley & family etc..

7) Galactic Connection, aka Community Galactic per Mythi CG, details, etc..

8) Alien Details, Dracos, Greys, Insects, Bush Dracos etc..

9) Other OBVIOUS DISINFO Teams: Randy Cramer, RT, amTV, Rise Together: Cindy Kay Currier, Karen Hudes, etc..

10) Alien Hybrid Breeding programs, etc..

11) Obvious False Flags: Paris attacks, Jade Helm, etc.

12) Pope/CERN Human Energy THEFT: Grid Ley Lines, a Coded Ritual Pattern, etc..

13) Darpa Weapons

14) Nazi War Criminals: Victoria Nuland Army of 2506, etc..


Better Call Saul, Vince & Bryan Cranston! (as we: Break Bad!)

The Backstory on How/Why Draco SPIES Mr. David Wilcock & Mr. Corey Goode were BUSTED August 2015!

DISCLOSURE EXPERTS Kerry Cassidy & Jim Nichols Explain how the cabal have their Black Magic magicians at NASA, and they have very advanced Psy Op techniques to DISTRACT from their big magic tricks like stealing Everyones money on planet Earth via their Secret HIDDEN IN PLAIN SITE villain Pirate Capt. J.P. Morgan, a legendary Black Magic Pirate Family for hundreds of years!

DISCLOSURE Operatives Kerry Cassidy & Jim Nichols Explain How Their Black Magic Works!


The MAIN Crime is to DESTROY all currency globally to Force Everyone to invest in Bitcoin!

Which of course is Satans plan to have gambling globally on a roulette real where the Evil NWO will always know when Red or Black will come up!
We know of 1 person that was robbed via gunpoint of $1,000,000 in BitCoin!

Another master gamer was LOCKED UP the same day he lost his $80,000 savings in Bitcoin!

John Young at of course lost all their Bitcoin October 2016!

Secret backdoors allows any USG INTEL to quickly get the passwords and steal the Bitcoin bank accounts full $ balance!

Also know that SPIES will never REPORT or SHARE any of the other stories connected to cabal Crime Evidence/Prosecution or Witnesses!

Rocket Scientist Ed Slade explains in detail
, how these spies even took all his money and killed him.
Ed Slade explains about the Fallen Angels and the DARK SIDE! See their actual DARK SIDE contracts!
We are pleased that David Wilcock has ERASED Corey Goode from his Facebook timeline after 8/28/2015, so we have his attention!

(Review our DARK SIDE CONTRACT Example)
The Biggest threat of course the Looting/possible Death of all the people, is it is NOW law that in 2017, all

Greeks told they MUST Claim Cash under Bed, Gold, Jewels and any other Valuables!
All large bills in India OUTLAWED 11/6/2016!
USA is NEXT, on G20 List!

REALIST NEWS - Greek bankers propose tax on cash withdrawals

REALIST NEWS - Portugal Bank Bosses Quit Ahead Of Bailout

REALIST NEWS - Some Charts of Obama’s Recovery that Trump Will Have To Deal With

The Story of the Brics By Gillian Tett 2010, created by Pirate Capt J.P. Morgans crew! (aka ISIS terror group?) @GillianTett 3/2/2016:

@GillianTett 3/2/2016: "Currency speculation has helped make Isis the richest terror group in the world" Well, they must know a trick that no-one else does? (aka Pirate Capt J.P. Morgans Crew!)

The Earth Sheriff™ and our global network of secret deputies run advanced COUNTER INTEL Tests to EXPOSE Cabal False Flags and Fake cabal GET AWAKE POSERs! ha! ha!

We ask silly questions that get us kicked out like:

Wouldnt the cabal just BUY $ Gaiam TV if anything bad would be on the TV Show! ha! ha!

(They actually did buy it 11/20/2015, the name quietly chged from GaiamTV to Gaia? on )

Once the Tests are Executed there is Factual Evidence to Prove all Findings to EXPOSE the DANGEROUS FRAUD!

Corey Goode Violated Whistle Blower Confidentiality and SCARED AWAY
Key Cabal Witnesses on Aug 16th 2015!

AFTER this TOP SECRET Whistleblower Cabal Prosecuting Attorney info was presented to David Wilcock via Corey Goode, Justin (we have the emails as PROOF)

This Compromised many ONGOING Cabal Earth Sheriff™ Investigations incuding:




Please SHARE this with other Whistle Blowers to Warn them its a BIG Cabal Magic Trick/Trap!

When Corey Goode/Blue Avians comes out with a website and TV show saying they are going after the cabal, first thing
to see is what they do when they get REAL WHISTLE BLOWERS?

We presented a City Attorney and a SSP member as they contacted us as we presented our findings
as shown by Mr. W on our Earth Sheriff™ websites!

Our Earth Sheriff™ Findings CONFIRMED by Mr. W.

( Mr. W. is a City Attorney Whistleblower that gave permission to make his statement public)

On 6/21/15, 5:25 AM, Mr. W. wrote:
Mr. Sweet:

Thank you for accepting my "friend" request. I really appreciate and admire what you are doing.

There are very few people Brave Enough to be as Outspoken about the Truth as you are.

Please let me know if there is Anything I can do to Help the cause?


Mr. W.

ONCE you know they are leaking infomation as THEY said they doing on August 16th, 2015 with a
post containing many OBVIOUS LIES from a very desperate man, Corey Goode? who has been outed
by many members of the WAKEUP community that know the Illuminati party has the Blue Avian as THE HOST!

(They get the BLUE mask! ha! ha! so its just a big joke to see how far the Blue Avian crap can go!)


Corey Goode and David Wilcock copied the DISINFO to create their own DISINFO Blue Avians!

Our experience in COUNTER-INTEL includes the world famous FedBullies™ Joke

that stopped World War 3 Christmas Day 12/25/2014!

After we posted a joke about the False Flag on 12/21/2014, INTEL broke our HTML links!

1) Oct 2014 Why the Ukraine Crisis Is the West’s Fault

2) 12/15/2014 Major Anti-Russian False Flag Coming?

3) 12/21/2014 post about the INTEL hack!

4) 12/23/2014 INTEL BROKE THE JOKE!™ web page about the INTEL hack!

5) 01/09/2015 #EarthSheriff Nuke False Flag UPDATE: January 9, 2015 French President François Hollande called for emergency meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, warning Putin of an impending nuclear attack on France that would be blamed on Russia

6) Flashpoint in Ukraine provides insight into today's gravest geopolitical crisis since WW II. Possible global war looms.

7) 1/8/2016 INTEL BROKE the JOKE™ Award Challenge to Colbert!

to POKE even more FUN at them!

Of course our global PR folks loved the joke, and it went viral!

We did get a THANK YOU from on Christmas day! ha! ha!
so we take these WW3 matters very seriously!

Feel free to review VTs Nuclear Explosion that occurred fall of 2014 in the Ukraine on our web page to understand that EVERYTHING is on the table with this CABAL INVESTIGATION, as there are NO WINNERS in World War 3?

Some of the INTEL we have on the Ukraine FedBullies™ FALSE FLAG NUKE, is from former Senior CIA Whistleblower Analysts.

Understand that David Wilcock & Mr. Corey Goode are both CABAL DISCLOSURE Story tellers.
Learn how the cabal uses many story tellers to control group thought to steer folks to their FAKE AI timeline?

We were too fooled until we ran many tests and asked basic questions that got us kicked out like:

Wouldnt the cabal just BUY $ Gaiam TV if anything bad would be on the TV Show! ha! ha!

Both AI and TIMELINES are very advanced subject matters and many will not get it?

NYT Columnist David Carr DROPS DEAD Just Hours After Interviewing EDWARD SNOWDEN!

David Carr's final interview with Edward Snowden b4 his death

@ Citizenfour press conference

Be The Target™ ?


Dont Forget Corey Goode and David Wilcock are all Part of Pirate Captain J.P. Morgans
TOP SECRET plan to Steal EVERYONES Money on Planet Earth, A Pirates Dream Come True!

The Adnan Sakli Estate legal signatory of BIS3
that controls all banking transactions on Earth!

Published on Mar 16, 2014 In a private Skype conferance call from 2013, he talks about what it has been like to fight off the criminal elements in the global economic landscape.
He wanted the world to know what the reality of the situation is.
Therefore it is released after his death, 28, Feb. 2014. The accounts are in "lock down"

This is why the TPP/TiSA is Illegal folks! See the Green Peace 5/5/2016 leaks!

Mr. Adnan Sakli owns 311,000 USA corps for the Chinese bailouts he did 1987-2014!

including those doing SLAVE MINING on Mars, Moon, and Saturn bases!

Published on Mar 7, 2013 The world KNEW little of what had happened at the top of the chain of banking systems? Mr. Adnan Sakli had replaced the traditional leadership - without public knowledge - and WAS offering the world nations release from debt under certain conditions? The economic war must end to save humanity to

Honor Mr. Adnan Saklis Final wishes!

Learn more about Web Hosting Options? and how a web server can host MP4's videos

So you never have to worry about Youtube CENSORSHIP ever again!

nick sign



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