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The following Alt Media are offically ON NOTICE, by the for committing FRAUD by charging $ for Truth and NOT SHARING #TrannysRunGlobalFilmTVGov #DECEPTIONofCENTURY hashtags !

DO NOT DONATE $ to ANY OF THEM until they have:

1) Tweeted the #TrannysRunGlobalFilmTVGov #DECEPTIONofCENTURY hashtags !

2) SHARED #DisInfoAgents hashtag! DisInfoAgents™ like Jerome Corsi that stole $1.2 million from Mpls MN $ investors back in 1995, #EVILJeromeCorsi now DOXED my #MelRockefeller even!

@Kevin_Shipp also on the DisInfoAgents™ list for promoting Corsi 1/3/19 via a tweet!

3) SHARED INTEL about 227 million in USA to be Killed by RCC USG INTEL by 2025!

4) Made a video explaining why they never shared this info and posted it to the #PremierLoverofTRUTH group

TRUTHERS Join our #PremierLoverofTRUTH group today to get the BEST INSIDE INTEL on Criminals!

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Why We Made This Website?

The EarthSheriff™ was contacted in May 2018 by

who put Media ON NOTICE as shown:


On Oct 24th 2018 @TalpiotTalk DISCLOSED Jake Morphonios, aka #Blackstone, as a Russian agent as shown?

Like I said, Jake is a Soviet Israel bot no doubt. Stay away from this disinformant.

After we responded to the tweet, Jake quickly attacked us and said we were stalking him?

We are happy we NOW have documented his slander and NEW 10/24/18 EVIDENCE by @bsibley97 as shown:

in May 2018 we were going to feature Jakes #Bldg7 videos, since they clearly showed the bldg going down with explosives.

on March 21st 2018 Jakes own comments on his YT video documents that we never stalked him?

(since we put Blackstone on Sarah Westall s show on 10/17/17)

David PBC.Events

Thx Jake, I saw Jason Goodman do a nasty FB post about you and I was really mad, so I simply avoid looking at them. I think we all know about the LAW OF ATTRACTION? On the folks acting like kids, I simply recall the book Games People Play by Eric Berne, and don't take it personally, they are all #victims of #darkness?


Blackstone Intelligence Network Blackstone Intelligence Network7 reply

Yep. Lots of that kind of attack stuff out there. If I thought that the people doing the attacking were actually interested in the truth, I would gladly respond. But there is no good that comes from responding to people who make false accusations because as soon as you debunk their claims, they just come out with new lies and pretend like they never even talked about whatever the first claims were about. They move the goal posts and just keep attacking. So there really is no benefit to giving those kind of people one's attention

on 10/14/17 Jake responded to our Facebook msg about appearing on Sarah Westal show?

10/14/2017 4:58PM

I just got back into town David... I'll find her message and respond to her directly. Thanks

as shown on Sarah website on 10/17/17:

Jake Morphonios: Las Vegas Real Facts, Alt Media Crackdown

The last message we got from Jake on Facebook was him confirming he got the docs, about the Adnan Sakli 2/27/14 murder?

10/23/2017 10:30PM

Just checked... yes... got the docs... Thanks

Brandon Sibley


Replying to @talpiottalk

Jakes grandmaw was a Judge, his stepfather CIA, ran campaigns for politicians, always reverts people back to politics as real. The truth is that none of it is real Russia, China and Israel are partners in crime Royal arch Mason and chabad lubavitcher Putin is playing his part

6:02 PM - 24 Oct 2018

It should be noted that Jake never reported on the murder of Adnan Sakli, the USA bailout banker 1987-2014

Given this fact, a quick search of the Dark INTEL Ahuwah Zeus wordpress site shows Blackstone is involved with MANY of the darkest groups documented on the website, as shown? Look for yourself we kindly ask?

Wordpress site NOW DOWN AFTER we put the spotlight on this INTEL
see the website and search via CNTL+F Blackstone
and you will see how evil Blackstone really is, SIX EVIL groups show!

We will followup on this investigation on our upcoming

Premier Lover™ of #TRUTH Youtube show, SUBSCRIBE Today!

The Top #AltMedia players that we have recent evidence of SHARING DisInfo include:

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DOUBLE AGENT: Dr. Katherine Horton 9/17/18 @ 36:00 EXPOSES Swiss Nazi Kill plans, Why Q, Trump Wont Save us?
and Nazi Death Squads in the Hotel - War Update (Stop 007)
EXPOSING the Evil Swiss Nazis: Deagel Genocide Rates by 2025


Join our group to Learn More about a few we have dealt with this year and the Jerome Corsi $1.2 million Minnesota judgement?
This includes: Jake Morphonios BlackStone INTEL, SGTReport, Jason Goodman Crowdsource the Truth, Alex Jones, Know_More_News Adam Green, etc. and New Earth Sheriff™ Evidence?


The Art of Propaganda: Youtube Censorship Theatre

Published on Mar 8, 2018
Much like how the twin towers were built to be destroyed, an overwhelming majority of the channels now claiming to be censored/striked off of youtube for exposing the "truth" about crisis actors/hoaxes were designed from their very inception to help eventually bring this censorship into fruition, and simultaneously this "censorship" ostensibly provides these channels with a renewed veneer of credibility.
Simon Shack, Fakeologist, Lesta Nediam, Terran Downvale, nationaparksign, cabadejo, John Le Bon, Rollo, Delcroix, Pshea, Khammad, hoi.polloi, Questioning Our Reality, AAMorris, Russianvids, Peekay, DITRH, HowISeeTheWorld, New World Agenda (Jeff C), Zachary K Hubbard, Bartley Gerba, RichiefromBoston, Call For An Uprising, RFG ChosenOne, Polarization Nation Media, Jay Dyer, John Adams, thkelly67, Chris Kendall, Contrarious (Dave Eager), Markus Allen, Miles Mathis, Jan Irvin, Mark Tokarski (Piece of Mindful), Max Resistance, Montagraph, Ole Dammegard, Sofia Smallstorm, James Fetzer, dallasgoldbug, Max Malone, PressResetEarth, TruthMediaRevolution, QKUltra, Odinrock, TyrannyNewsNetwork, Wolfgang Halbig, Tony Mead, TeamWakeEmUp, Lift The Veil, pocketsofthefuture, Truthiracy3, 108morris108, Dave J, Jungle Surfer, Spudgy Pang, Redsilverj, EyeSpy, Anna Lovesthelord, Professor Doom, MattyD 4Truth, Changing Reason, Crrow777, Randy Maugans, Emily Moyer, Aug Tellez, Quantum of Conscience, HOOKEDonyourHOAX, The Paulstal Service, Kyle Hunt/Sinead, Jewrassic Liars, The Black Child, Titus Frost, Quasiluminous, Enterthe5t4rz, Amaterasu Solar, roofuscat, The Conscientious Objector, Side Thorn, Serebra Sana, Anthony 2b, Jordon Rains, Aaron Dover, Truth Virus, Anaconda Maltliquor, Trust One News, MatrixBreak, smoke'n mirrors, They're Distorting Our Rhythm, etc, etc, etc, etc.....


9/11 and the Cluesforum/Fakeologist/Hoaxbusters Disinformation Network

Other characters in this network "exposing" hoaxes using the Simon Shack modus operandi include (but are not limited to):

Lesta Nediam, Terran Downvale, nationaparksign, cabadejo, John Le Bon, Khammad, hoi.polloi, Russianvids, Peekay, DITRH, HowISeeTheWorld, New World Agenda (Jeff C), Zachary K Hubbard, Bartley Gerba, RichiefromBoston, RFG ChosenOne, Polarization Nation Media, Jay Dyer, John Adams, Chris Kendall, Dave Eager, Markus Allen, Miles Mathis, Ole Dammegard, James Fetzer, dallasgoldbug, Max Malone, PressResetEarth, TruthMediaRevolution, TeamWakeEmUp, pocketsofthefuture, Lift the Veil, Truthiracy3, 108morris108, Dave Johnson, Jungle Surfer, Spudgy Pang, Redsilverj, EyeSpy, Anna Lovesthelord, Professor Doom, MattyD 4Truth, Changing Reason, HOOKEDonyourHOAX, Crrow777, The Paulstal Service, Jewrassic Liars, The Black Child, Titus Frost, Quasiluminous, Enterthe5t4rz, Amaterasu Solar, roofuscat, The Conscientious Objector, Side Thorn, Serebra Sana, Anthony 2b, Jordon Rains, Aaron Dover, Truth Virus, Anaconda Maltliquor, Trust One News, MatrixBreak, smoke'n mirrors, They're Distorting Our Rhythm, Quantum of Conscience, Aug Tellez, etc. etc.

A comment from the great Jay Dyer! Oh wow I'm so flattered, will you autograph a copy of your amazing book revealing esoteric hollywood and send it to me please!?
But speaking of interrelations, let's run them down.
(1) Contributor and collaborator with Patrick Henningsen of 21st century wire, "former" infowars correspondent, known disinformation outlet (also appeared on RT "news", lol).
(2) Frequent guest of Red Ice Radio, known disinformation outlet
(3) Frequent guest of Chris "Robert Reyvolt" Kendall and John Adams, known disinformation outlet
(4) Recent guest on CIA operative Sean (son of Oliver Silverstein) Stone's "Buzzsaw TV" (in studio no less, nice new headshot by the way!)
(5) Contributor to the Secret Space program conferences, known disinformation outlet
(6) Contributor to Soul of the East, known anti-american propaganda outlet
(7) One of the original hosts that signed on for known disinformation outlet NaturalNews' TalkNetwork (which also included Mike Adams, Adam Kokesh, and Rebekah Roth - oh and given the above 6 facts, don't give us some story about how you left for "ethical" reasons and switched to Alternate Current Radio, which features Patrick Henningsen, Brian Gerrish (UKcolumn), and David Icke associate Richie Allen*(when David Icke and associates ran their massive scam known as the people's voice, David Icke and Richie Allen lived together, and this is the same Richie Allen that Jay Dyer now shares a network with!)*
(8) Frequent guest on TruthFrequencyRadio programs, which also hosts shows by known disinformation agents Mark Sargent, Jeranism, and Zack Hubbard to name a few.

It would take too long to list the rest of your tours around the podcast circuit and your other affiliations, but of course just at first glance it's obvious that you are all interrelated, however this video was focused on 9/11, specificially as it related to disinformation agent Simon Shack/cluesforum (and its promoter fakeologist by extension), so I didn't bother getting into the exact details of the disinformation agents at hoaxbusters and its affiliates (Jay Dyer), though your appeal to ridicule with no basis in fact is duly noted!

Moreover surely a man of your great intellect would not be so easily fooled by these disinformation outlets, and surely a man of your great integrity and truth-revealing prowess would never want his work associated with known disinformation agents and their alternative tabloid rags.....right? So there are only two logical conclusions here: (a) you are an agent, or (b) you are a clever and educated con-artist who saw an opportunity to jump in the truth hustle and charge 5 bucks a month for watered-down bullshit "esoteric" analysis of film, which subesequently required a constant whoring of yourself out to any conspiracy show with a pulse in order to scale your brand.

Which is it Jay? (Hint: neither one is good for you)

Oh wait, my bad, this epic bullshit is what you really are, correct?

"Jay Dyer, whose graduate work focused on the interplay of film, geopolitics, espionage and psychological warfare is the founder of JaysAnalysis which has grown to become one of the premier film and philosophy sites on the net. Jay is a public speaker, lecturer, comedian and author of the popular title, Esoteric Hollywood: Sex, Cults and Symbols in Film. Jay has authored hundreds of articles already read by millions in just the past few years".

Haha! You are a comedian, I'll give you that! (I know you're just an actor doing his job, so no hard feelings if I met you outside in the real world, alright?)?

Note: A few of these characters might simply be the creation of some imaginative con artists, i.e. they are not necessarily all paid disinformation agents.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Ufology - A List of Good Guys and Disinfo Agents
Sunday, December 21, 2014 13:44

This is not my list, the author’s credits are listed below. Take this for what it’s worth. I had a look and was surprised at some of the names and not so much with others. Enjoy!
THE GOOD GUYS/GALS in UFOLOGY – (a partial list)
- David Adair, former contract scientific consultant to NASA on UFO propulsion technology - Colin Andrews, crop circles investigator - Monsignor Corrado Balducci, Vatican unofficial TV spokesman for reality of close encounters with Star Visitors and their benign nature - Richard Boylan, Ph.D., psychologist/Star Visitors-encounters researcher, educator working with Star Kids and Star Seed adults - Professor Courtney Brown, remote-viewer of UFOs and Star Visitors - Scott Catamas, UFO investigative journalist-TV producer - Major Gordon Cooper, USAF, (ret.), Apollo astronaut, UFO reality publicist - Lt. Colonel Phillip Corso, USA., (ret.), custodian of Roswell UFO; UFO reality publicist - James Courant, commercial pilot, UFO investigator-journalist - Marc Davenport, UFO investigator/journalist - Command Sgt.-Major Robert O. Dean, USA/NATO, (ret.), UFO reality publicist - James Deardorff, Ph.D. is not currently active, but was a respected scientist vouching for UFO reality. - “Sweeps” roi-den Fox, former U.S. Army Intelligence officer turned Irish UFO investigator, publicist, runs UFO website: - Timothy Good, sincere UFO investigator, but not discriminant about disinformation from his sources - Charles Hall, former USAF Airman stationed at Nellis AFB, Nevada who reported his interactions with the Tall Whites star race living there - Leah Haley, experiencer, MILABS victim, author of UFO reality books - Donna Tietze Hare, ex-NASA Johnson Space Center employee/discloser of NASA’s cover-up/altering of UFO photos, etc. - Paola Harris, Italian photo-journalist, investigator and lecturer on UFO and Star Visitor reality - Richard Hoagland, scientist, investigator of Star Visitor artifacts on Mars and the Moon - Ruth Hover, Ph.D., LCSW, diligent researcher and therapist specializing in human-Star Visitor encounters - Jack Kasher, Ph.D., professor, UFO investigator - Captain Guy Kirkwood, USAF, Special Projects (ret.), (aka Mel Noel ), UFO investigator, whistle blower - Barbara Lamb, M.A., MFCC, psychotherapist/hypnotherapist-researcher into Star Visitor encounters - Robert Lazar, former physicist at Los Alamos and Area 51/S-4, gave talks, made famous video on UFO reality at Area 51 - Roger Leir, D.P.M., implants investigator-extractor - Michael Lindemann, UFO writer-publisher, lecturer - John Mack, M.D., Harvard Psychiatry Professor, Star Visitors encounters researcher-therapist - Jesse Marcel, Jr., M.D., son of Army Intelligence officer at Roswell Army Air Corps Base who participated in crash retrieval, says UFOs are real - Jim Marrs, investigative journalist, UFO reality publicist - Jamie Mausson, Mexico investigative TV journalist-producer, UFO reality publicist - Clark McClelland, ScO, Kennedy Space Center, revealer of UFO information - Edgar Mitchell, Ph.D., Apollo astronaut, UFO reality publicist - Mary Rodwell, M.A., RN, Australian researcher specializing in close encounters, Star Kids and Star Seed adults - Richard Sauder, Ph.D., underground bases investigator, UFO reality publicist - Dan Sherman, Tech Sergeant, USAF, NSA (ret.), Star Visitors communications expert/UFO reality publicist - R. Leo Sprinkle, Ph.D., psychologist, Star Visitors encounters researcher - Colonel Wendelle Stevens, USAF (ret.), UFO investigator/journalist - Clifford Stone, Sergeant, U.S. Army, tells spending 22 years in the US Army as a part of an extremely elite and secret group that was rapidly dispatched to crash sites in order to recover UFO craft, Star visitor bodies, and artifacts. - Michael Wolf, M.D., Ph.D., Sc.D., J.D., repentant member of NSC’s Special Studies ( MJ-12 ) Group, UFO-reality publicist

DISINFO starts here:

- Colonel John Alexander, USA, DIA, INSCOM, (ret.), Ph.D., head of Bigelow’s NIDS; member, Aviary; high-ranking officer in the UFO Cover-Up Cabal - Victoria Lacas Alexander, wife of John, Cabal mole within the witch and metaphysical communities - James Jesus Angleton, III, grandson of CIA Chief, source of UFO disinformation - Robert Baker, Ph.D., psychologist/debunker of UFO & close-encounters reality - Barbara Bartholic, UFO writer, propagandist of Star Visitors as “evil” - Andrew Basiago, JD, Canadian Cabal disinformation operative - Al Bielek, disinformation peddler - Bob Bigelow, Las Vegas/New Mexico casinos billionaire/suspected Cabal - William Bramley, disinformation author mis-portraying ancient lurid legends about “sky gods” as “factual” history - Peter Brookesmith, writer/UFO debunker - “Dan Burisch”, cryptonym for a hoaxster who pretends to have worked at Area 51, puts out Star Visitors-as-evil standard Cabal hostile propaganda - Grant Cameron, Cabal infiltrator within the UFO investigations community - “Grandmother” Chandra & Cat Parenti: a mother-daughter Cabal disinformation act - Dolores Cannon: a hypnotist and spreader of distracting and distorted disinformation about Star Visitors designed to misdirect and confuse. Cannon is cloaked by the Cabal with a false “Positive” Energy Signature Field to make it more difficult to detect her role as a Cabal mole in UFO/New Age circles. - Jerome Clark, editor, IUFOR, sophisticated disinformation spreader - Alex Collier, spreads fantasy star-being “channelings”, other disinformation - Robert Collins, Capt, USAF-Intel(“ret”.), aka “Condor”, disinformer - Milton William “Wild Bill” Cooper, U.S. Navy, prolific disinformation author - Major Ed Dames, DIA, INSCOM, ( ret. ), misinforms about remote-viewing - Sergeant Richard Doty, USAF-OSI ( ret. ), disinformer about UFO “secrets” - Vicki Cooper Ecker, UFO magazine editor and Cabal disinformation/propaganda operative - Stanton Friedman, M.S., engineer, defamer of relevant researchers, tries to mis-focus people on a half-century old crash instead of current Star Visitor contacts - Uri Geller, Israeli psychic fake “spoon-bender” and Cabal mole within the metaphysical community falsely claiming to have been “taught by extraterrestrials” - Christopher Kit Green, M.D., Ph.D., General Motors officer, ex-top CIA UFO official, ex-head, Bigelow’s NIDS Institute’s Scientific Advisory Board - George Green: a disinformation peddler who claims that while in the Air Force he saw extraterrestrial craft at Edwards AFB, claims to be in contact with “ETs”, but Star Visitors want nothing to do with this dark-energy liar. - Steven Greer, director, CSETI, UFO “investigator”; exhibits an extremely- negative personal-energy signature, detectable as such with dowsing rods. Greer has a history of being financed by Rockefeller interests. The gathering of military and government witnesses to UFOs, whom he gathered for a press conference at which he took hugely- disproportionate time time speaking, contained among it a carefully- selected disproportionate number of persons who had absorbed hostile anti-Star Visitor propaganda. The whole emphasis was on “nuts-and-bolts” UFO description, not on presenting the people who come in those craft and what they have to say. At least one such expert, David Adair, with such Star Visitor communication knowledge was excluded from the press conference when Greer learned that he might speak up about that. Greer leads night watches with the misleading premise that it takes flashlights and special “recorded UFO tones” to lure in UFOs. This shows his ignorance, and points to a lack of actual communication contact with the Star Visitors, despite his posturing that he has “had contact.” His SEAS company looks like a vacuuming operation, to smoke out sincere, naive private inventors of free-energy devices. This also exposes these inventors to notice by Cabal operatives, who can then neutralize these inventors’ threat to Big Oil and utilities’ monopolistic profits. SEAS has gone nowhere, despite grand promises to have a free-energy device “on the market in 2005.” For all of these reasons it seems wise not to ignore the warning revealed by his negative energy signature - Richard Hall, Intelligence mole within Fund for UFO Research - James Harder, Ph.D., abductions investigator , suspected Intelligence-link - Budd Hopkins, artist, abductions investigator /disinformer - David Icke, former newscaster now disinformation lecturer, writer of wacky conspiracy stories about the Star Visitors - Admiral Bobbie Ray Inman, USN ( ret. ), ex -NSA official, head of Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) and its UFO black-ops twin, Decision Science Applications, Inc. - David Jacobs, Ph.D., historian/ abductions investigator /disinformer - Eric Julien, disinformation operative who spreads false propaganda subtly twisted against Star Visitors, while pretending to speak for them or on behalf of contact with them. - Leslie Kean, American journalist and Cabal operative spreading UFO disinformation - Phillip Klass, aerospace writer/UFO debunker - Joachim Koch, Cabal UFO disinformation operative - Kal Korff, UFO debunker - John Lear, Jr., former CIA-operative/disinformer - Nancy Leider, producer of the fraudulent and disinformation site “ZetaTalk”, which pretends to be her “channeled” messages from “Zetas”, (who would never talk to a purveyor of falsehoods like her) - Bruce Maccabee, Ph.D., Naval Weapons physicist, disinformer - Shirley MacLaine, actress and Cabal disinformation mole within the Hollywood metaphysical community - Jordan Maxwell: claims falsely to have had a UFO encounter at Area 51, and in Southern California participated in a hoaxed “UFO” sighting involving a pre-arranged Cabal antigravity device which he “spotted” and was videotaped. A blathering-idiot lecturer who includes UFOs in his rants about conspiracies. - William Moore, self-admitted disinformation operative - Robert Morningsky, peddler of disinformation as false “Native American legends” - Linda Moulton Howe, journalist manipulated by disinformation operatives to spread their sophisticated UFO pseudo-information and propaganda - Sheldon Nidle, dispenser of fake “channelings” supposedly from Star Beings - Gordon Novel, listed as Aviary member; self-described affiliate with foreign intelligence operations - Ted Oliphant, UFO investigator /Intelligence plant, information gatherer - Ronald Pandolfi, Deputy Director, Science & Tech Div., CIA, disinformer - Nick Pope, this former MoD Chief says “U.K. Wide-Open to an Alien Attack” (sic); it’s pretty clear that he has been cut loose from MoD to disseminate disinformation more credibly as a “civilian”. His strong negative energy signature clinches the poor diagnosis of Mr. Pope. - “Rael”, actually Claude Vorilhon, is a French hoaxster and possible disinformation asset who falsely claims to be in communication with a star race called “Elohim” whose leader is supposedly God. His deception operations have spread to French Canada and elsewhere. - Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy deserve to be on the Bad Guys/Gals list because 90% of whom they present are disinformation operatives, and Ryan and Cassidy are working to make their Project Camelot website a major dispensary of disinformation. - Michael Salla, Ph.D., investigator, spreads anti-Star Visitor disinformation - Jack Sarfatti, ex-govt-contract physicist, disinformer, denies UFO reality - Philip Schneider, government engineer and (perhaps unwitting) spreader of disinformation he had been indoctrinated with during his employment in classified underground installations. -Rob Simone, radio talk show host and Cabal disinformation/propaganda spreader - Derrel Sims, ex -CIA operative/ abductions investigator /disinformer - Zecharia Sitchin, Israeli writer spinning tales of all-too-human-like “Annunaki”. Sitchin published his interpretation of some Sumerian legends about early contact with Visitors from the stars. Unfortunately, Sitchin tends to present Sumerian legends as though they were transcripts from the New York Times. Actually, ancient Near East literature in its cultural context reflects the faulty understandings and distortions of primitive people faced with sky visitors they thought were “gods”, and then in the countless retellings of these visits, ascribing to the Star Visitors the arrogant, ruthless and scheming qualities of their own human rulers. Thus the legends warped earlier events into almost unrecognizable tales, as these stories got passed down. Some Sumerian language experts hold that Sitchin took liberties with the translation and interpretation of what the original cuneiform text said. The basic premise which Sitchin started from is fact: that Sumerians acknowledged contact from Visitors from the stars who helped establish the foundation for a Human civilization. The rest of Sitchin’s tales, the drama about lust, jealousy and wars, are cultural trappings added on by Sumerian scribes taking literary license. These scribes were confused when accounts of the original activity of the Zeta bioengineers perfecting the Homo Sapiens recipe got mixed up with the intrusions by Cabal types reincarnating from the Atlantis civilization the Cabal had destroyed, and were then trying to dominate, impress, and oppress the Sumerian peasants with advanced knowledge and technology they remembered and recreated from the Atlantean times. These Sumer-era Cabal ruler-priests passed themselves off as gods-come-down-from-the-sky [Annunaki]. Sitchin’s interpretation of the confused Sumerian legends as literal fact can be ignored, including his putting forth sensationalistic scare stories about a supposedly-inhabited “Marduk”/ “Niburu”/Planet X heading ominously for Earth, (more Cabal psychological- warfare propaganda). - Dan Smith, fronts for UFO disinformation from ex-CIA-DDO Ronald Pandolfi - Dennis Stacy, ex-editor, MUFON Journal, disinformer, debunker - Standing Elk, aka Chief Golden Eagle, Cabal mind-controlled Dakota Elder fronting numerous Cabal disinformation/propaganda operatives at various “Indian” gatherings; his brother Sherwyn Zephier is also under Cabal mind-control - Jalaila Starr, Cabal disinformation operative falsely claiming to channel the non-existent “Niburu Council” - General Al Bert Stubblebine, USA, DIA, INSCOM (psi-war)/Intelligence psychological warfare operations - Val Valerian , (cryptonym of John Grace, Air Force Intelligence operative), disinformer and prolific false anti-Star Visitors propagandist - Jacques Valle, Ph.D., scientist/super-sophisticated UFO disinformer - George Wackenhut, head of black-ops security organization for Area 51/S-4, and other sites utilizing stolen Star Visitor technology - “Wingmaker” James, aka Mahu Nahi, and his deceptive “Wingmakers” site is replete with highly-sophisticated disinformation and purposefully-distractive pseudo-metaphysics, to derail people from the actual truth to a shimmering surrogate

- George Adamski was a Regular Human and not a Star Seed. He was one of the early persons to report UFO sightings and to take photos of a few. As time went on, Adamski fraudulently told stories about personal contact with a Star Visitor (false) and claimed to receive telepathic messages from Star Visitors (false). His lies and pretense harmed the credibility of the overall UFO field for some time. - Stephen Bassett, founder, Paradigm Research Group, and convener of X-Conferences which includes speakers warning about Star Visitors’ supposed dark intentions - Art Bell, publicist of UFO stories, fails to discriminate between the true, the made-up, and the absurd - Fred Bell, a ND naturopath whose dark energy signature marks him as a Cabal distract-and-deceive operative; he admits involvement in MK-ULTRA mind control “research”, claims to have worked in the Army Biological Weapons Division, spreads hostile and false propaganda about Zeta Star Visitors - Cmdr. Graham Bethune, USN, a participant in Steven Greer’s Disclosure press conference, has absorbed disinformation about “threatening aliens”. - Graham Birdsall, editor of UK magazine “UFO” filled with disinformation - Angela Brown Miller, Ph.D., Cabal mole infiltrating the metaphysical & UFO communities - William J. “Bill” Byrnes, UFO magazine publisher and Cabal propaganda agent - Glen Campbell, Area 51 investigator , super-sophisticated disinformer - Martin Cannon, disinformer about Star Visitors as “mind control fiction” - Bruce Cornet, El Paso college instructor and Canal disinformation asset - Bill Deagle, MD’s dark energy signature outs him as another Cabal distract-and-deceive psychological warfare operative, worked for military contractors to the US Space [Warfare] Command, falsely claims that a “Reptilian”, Pindar (sic) secretly controls the shadow world government, claims that the angel Gabriel appears to him regularly and that God speaks to him - “Ashaynna Deane” (real name: Anna Hayes), writer of books spreading disinformation, claims was “taught” by the Illuminati and Templars - Richard Dolan, authors of UFO documentation books putting out the propaganda premise that the National Security community has been “concerned” about the UFO presence for decades - A.J. Gevaerd, publisher of a Brazilian UFO magazine full of lurid UFO tales, many of which are disinformation scare stories. - John Greenewald, Jr., unsophisticated creator of UFO website full of disinformation and Star Visitors-as-evil false propaganda - William Hamilton, III, UFO investigator/dispenser of disinformation - Norio Hayakawa, investigator, “evil aliens” disinformation propagandist - Michael Hesemann, UFO investigator, editor, informant for Prince Hans Adam of Lichenstein; Opus Dei member - Len Horowitz, DMD, a dentist and multiple conspiracies scaremonger, exposed by his negative energy signature as a Cabal distract-and-deceive operative, has lectured about “the alien threat to humanity” (sic), showboats as a “whistle blower” on various “biological warfare” schemes, and still has time to peddle his own “health products” - Commander Scott Jones, USN (ret.), Ph.D., ex -Intelligence officer and “paranormal investigator” for Rockefeller interests - George Knapp, Las Vegas TV newsman and Cabal infiltrator - Laura Lee, a Washington State radio talk show host and Cabal distract-and-disinform operative - Ted Loman, UFO investigative journalist-TV producer, has featured disinformers - Lisa Lyon, producer and Cabal infiltrator within the Coast To Coast AM radio program - Billy Meier, Swiss “contactee”; early on Meier seems to have had some actual visits from a starcraft and possibly telepathic communications from its occupants, but later seems to have fallen under psychic or psychotronic mind-control targeting, and/or MILABs, to cause mis-perceived, false “Pleiadean messages” - Sean David Morton, a lightweight theatrical presenter of UFO “presentations” who witlessly palms off disinformation as serious reports - Bob Oechsler, UFO investigator, spreads sophisticated UFO disinformation - Brian O’Leary, Ph.D., Mars Mission astronaut,Cabal mole on the UFO topic - Toni Elizabeth Sar’h Petrinovich, Ph.D., Cabal “teacher”/messenger within the metaphysical community - Nancy Red Star, Native woman, author of several books and film on supposed ancient traditions of the Native Americans; a handy cover for her being a Cabal mole/disinformer - Yvonne Smith, abductions investigator, has internalized disinformation about “evil aliens” which distorts her presentation of “abduction stories” - Whitley Strieber is all over the place, sometimes respectfully appreciative of the Star Visitors’ contact, sometimes lapsing into the stereotyped fear-and-loathing disinformation and propaganda all too widespread in print and visual media. Thus, it is not possible to consistently place Strieber in any one column of ufologists. Psychotronic victimization? - “Dr.” Louis Turi, astrologer and Cabal infiltrator within the metaphysical community - James Twyman, Cabal disinformation mole within the metaphysical community -Colonel Donald Ware, USAF (ret.), an unabashed apologist for the Secret Government” (Cabal) and their Chem-Trails schemes, positions himself at many UFO events. Ware also peddles pseudo-metaphysical nonsense, epitomized in the Urantia disnformation writings. - Christen Warwick, Cabal disinformation operative - Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, advocate for UFO disclosure but frequently gullible in UFO matters and a de-facto stooge for Cabal disinformation operatives Michael Salla and Andrew Basiago - David Wilcock, slick Cabal disinformation operative who holds himself out as an “expert” on many things and claims to be the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce (sic). Not! - Dr. Bob Wood, McDonnell-Douglas manager, engaged in a Cabal Distract-and- -Disinform operation publicizing “leaked UFO documents”, a hopeless mix of dubious and authentic papers, and roping his trusting son, Ryan Wood, into his cynical operation.


Shills, Gatekeepers, and Gang Stalkers

YouTube and the internet is filled with alternative media shills and fake opposition to the New World Order. Almost all of them are frauds. Alex Jones runs the largest alternative media faction with members like Steven Crowder, Owen Shroyer, Paul Joseph Watson, Lisa Haven, Ron Paul, Jesse Ventura, Mark Dice, Scott Adams, Lionel Nation, Lee Stranahan, Mike Cernovich, Jordan Peterson, H.A. Goodman, The Next News Network and Gary Franchi, Judicial Watch, Christopher Greene or AMTV, Hagmann Report, Joe Rogan, WeAreChange or Luke Rudowski, Israeli News Live, OuterLight and Ed who is British Intelligence and Tavistock, Dahboo77, Styxhexenhammer666, You Are Free TV, Blackstone Intelligence Network, and Jordan Sather or Destroying the Illusion. Steven Crowder runs a huge gang stalking cult. Jordan Sather is really evil. David Icke is a delusional New Age shill who attempts discredit truth by mixing facts with lies. David Icke is a slanderer, child molester, and cannibal that works for the Barons Strange in the UK. David Icke is extremely evil, depraved and diabolical. David Icke is an Oddfellow working for the Barons Strange. Icke’s motive is to be a cult leader. There are other shills like George Webb, Farmer Jones, Abel Danger, Natasha V, Roy Potter, and Michael Trimm. George Webb deletes my comments and called my articles lies. George Webb is a DHS agent working for the Bush family. Michael Trimm is really evil and works with the child murdering Jesuits and is involved in defilement of people. David Seaman is another very evil shill and false opposition against human traffickers and pedophiles. The whole Q Anon movement is being pushed by paid liars like Praying Medic, Seething Frog, Dustin Nemos, Kinninigan 2.0, Isaac Green, Justinformed Talk, HeydonMusicPage, and James Munder. Some of them may have stopped supporting Q after being exposed. PrayingMedic is a depraved creep. They are gatekeepers that wont speak on higher level criminals and they mix truth with lies. These people promoting Donald Trump all the time are paid PayPal/Patreon shills working for a fascist and murderous takeover agenda. They disregard all facts and falsely accuse anyone who is against Donald Trump of being a liberal, communist, or fascist. They are so blatantly false they have transformed the opposition against the NWO into a right wing neo fascist cult in front of everyone. Many Trump supporters use Pepe the Frog avatars while Trump’s motto is “drain the swamp.” Seething Frog supports Trump. BPEarthWatch often uses frogs in his titles. They are all completely absurd. They often censor out comments and their channels are dominated by organized and paid commenters that are there to maintain the controlled narrative of the channel. I get attacked all the time by commenters on these channels just for posting my articles. They are even worse and way more violent and destructive than the mainstream media. I get attacked by these people just for posting my articles on their channels because the info I put out that they wont talk about discredits them. Every single one of these shills I have named has attacked me. The most blatant proof that they are frauds is their excessive omission of facts and their constant distractions and fear mongering. Lisa Haven is a crazy fear mongerer that seeks the destruction of society. Lisa Haven has sacrificed children. Alex Jones is completely psychotic and evil and also involved in human sacrifice. Alex Jones is a member of Bohemian Grove and in recent years has become openly Christian which is a tool these liars shield themselves in. There are the Christian shills that hide behind religion while they pretend to be against the New World Order. Most of these alternative media channels have PayPal, Patreon, and GoFundMe accounts and they ask for money. They also receive payments disguised as donations through PayPal and Patreon for being controlled opposition, spreading disinformation, and assisting cyber stalkers and the NSA in identifying opposition. This is entirely criminal. Paying propagandists is what the Nazis did before they took over Germany. Many of these agents running alternative media channels are also running online gang stalking cults or even gang stalking cults in society. The most evil Christian shills I have come across are A Call For An Uprising, Richie From Boston, Gonz from A Face Like the Sun, Shaking My Head Productions, and Mario Brisson or Vigilant Christian. Mario Brisson is a nasty greedy snake and religious brainwasher. Mario is extremely evil and uses torturous witchcraft to make people beg for Jesus Christ. Most of these Christian shills are really a cult of Beelzebub sun worshipers and they are involved in gang stalking, murder, human trafficking, pedophilia, blood drinking, and sexual cannibalism which is what sodomy really is. It means turning someone into sod or dirt. They are disgusting. A man named Erik Alexander Hofemeister is advising most of these online Christian shills and especially advising A Call For An Uprising, Providence, and A Face Like the Sun. A Call For An Uprising is one of the most relentless and evil among this group. Erik Alexander Hofemeister is a commander of a national cult of gang stalkers and he is a psychotic liar and murderous human flesh trafficker. Paul Begley is another extremely evil agent who is a Christian pastor hiding behind religion. Paul Begley is a psychotic sadist and cannibal. You can tell he is evil and insane when he scream Are you Serious at the beginning of his videos. Paul Begley claims to be a reincarnation of the Apostle Paul and also claims to be all seeing. Mark Taylor is another evil Christian con artist and cannibal. They are not what they claim to be at all. Similar to these Christian shills is the New Age shill Paul Romano or Pockets of the Future and he is very sinister despite his seemingly gentle personality. ReallyGraceful is a really evil shill and her motive is cannibalism and trafficking children. ReallyGraceful gets intoxicated off the blood of murdered children and harasses people in psychotic narcissistic states as she claims she is controlling them. Jason A is a well paid fear mongerer and religious brainwasher. Titus Frost is another evil shill and gang stalker whose motivations appear to be envy and greed. Titus Frost drinks adrenaline filled blood from people that are sacrificed and runs a large gang stalking cult. Karen Hudes, Leo Zagami, Craig Oxley, Eric John Phelps, and Santos Bonacci are some Roman gatekeepers that spread disinformation and expose limited elements about the Rome’s criminal network. Karen Hudes is really evil. Craig Oxley is also an extremely evil liar that works with the Tavistock Institute.

The most evil online agent I have come across is AplaneTruth whose real name is Joe Morgan. Joe Morgan has used by information with out my consent as a fishing net to catch people searching out this info and is relentlessly trying to undermine the information I have put out. I don’t care if people share my info as long as they don’t claim credit for my word and don’t use it for an evil agenda. Benjamin Fulford is a lying shill who has attempted to steal claim to my articles. Fulford tried to steal my article on the Dixie Mafia and claim credit for it too. I called him out and made him take the video down. Joe Morgan does not really attribute my name to all the articles I wrote which he uses. That is called theft. Here is an example of him using my article that I wrote and him not attributing my name to the article and he does this because he lies and tells his cult followers the information comes from him.

Killuminati agents have also tried to steal credit for my writings. Joe Morgan is attempting to mix my info with his disinformation campaign like claiming the Earth is flat which it is not and claiming things like wildfires caused by arsonists are caused by directed energy weapons. A Nazi named Tom Rubendall is the one behind many of the wildfires in the West Coast and after I exposed him Joe Morgan claimed they were caused by Directed Energy Weapons to distract from this Nazi arsonist. Joe Morgan also takes my information out of context and blurs his narrative with my articles. Joe Morgan has claimed Jesuits run everything and has falsely accused me of being a Zionist because of my name Izreal Zeus. I have exposed and named many more Zionists than Nazi shills like David Duke, Brother Nathaniel, Ken O’Keefe, Know More News, TheRapeOfJustice, and ZionistWatch who that claim Jews run everything. I have named Jewish criminal families that few if any talk about like the Guggenheim, Sackler, Dreyfus, Javal, Montagu as well as other Jewish criminals like Daniel Gilbert, Micky Arison, Robert Kraft, and Baron Cyril de Rothschild-Goldschmidt. I don’t discriminate. I expose all criminals in every group and put them in their place within the New World Order structure. When Joe Morgan made his first video using my info he accused me of being “10% Cointelpro” because I said that the Earth is not flat. One of his minions is named Veritas Aequitas who has cyber stalked me all over the internet and Veritas claims that Jesuits control the Black Nobility. The Black Nobility are at least hundreds of years older than Jesuits and they also established the Jesuits. Joe Morgan is working with the Jesuits and the Black Monks and Joe Morgan serves Joe Ratzinger who took the name Benedict as Pope to honor the Black Monks also called the Benedictine Monks.

Joe Morgan is involved in a national gang stalking cult. After I originally exposed Joe Morgan on my first website on Wix which was shut down by Zionists I had gang stalkers in my local community targeting me. Joe Morgan or AplaneTruth uses a sunflower for his avatar. I had cars harassing me on the road with sunflowers hanging from their mirrors. Joe Morgan claims the Earth is flat which is a common lie spread by Jesuit agents. You can travel in a straight line either East or West and get to the same location on the Earth which is only possible on a spherical Earth. You can see the Earth’s curvature along the oceans horizon as well. Why has Joe Morgan done all this? Because Joe Morgan is a child murdering pedophile and cannibal like his zealous boss Joseph Ratzinger. Joe Morgan is a man who wants to be a woman with a penis who rapes little boys and strangles them to death while raping them and then wants to cannibalize their genitals. I explained this to explain his motivation. He is the deepest degree of evil there is and should be executed in the most violent way possible. The British knight Peter Morgan the husband of the Bavarian-Bohemian Princess Anna Schwarzenberg is also one of Joe Morgan’s handlers. The Bohemian Grove cult is the cult of blasphemies and disrespect. Richie From Boston works closely with Joe Morgan and is a despicable lying and false accusing zealot. Richie is a cannibal and involved in gang stalking and criminal spying through electronics. Richie works for the Bourbon Two-Sicilies family which are part owners of the Boston crime family. Richie and others like him are working with hackers that are spying on people through cameras hidden in electronics, audio recorders, and brain hacking software. Richie is involved in mind controlling women into becoming cannibals and he does this because normal women don’t like him. It is spite and he is a destroyer of women. Richie is a psychotic false accusing zealot that accuses and attacks people for being idolaters for watching tv or whoremongerers for having sex or gluttons for eating junk food. I am not kidding. Christian shills and gang stalkers are psychotic false accusing zealots. Another one using my info without consent is the one called Cobra and he too works for Joseph Ratzinger and the Wittelsbach family. Joe Ratzinger willingly had his genitals cut off and served them to a satanic witch. Catholic priests are based on the eunuch Cult of Cybele which is why they are all celibate. His name is Cobra. Snakes are associated with evil and Cobra and his agents are attempting to mix my info with their New Age cult which are Freemasonic false beliefs of a black and white duality. These paid liars are a major interference for real people exposing or researching the New World Order. Exposing these shills does not mean I disagree with everything that they say however the good information some of them put out does not outweigh their gatekeeping, lies, and paid propaganda. Many of them are also violent gang stalkers and members of the New World Order.


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OPEN - Join our group to make suggestions?


OPEN - Join our group to make suggestions?


OPEN - Join our group to make suggestions?

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