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#ANYONENotTellinWhereBullShitWordFromFULLofit! #BreakingBad #Trumbo #Colbert BUSTED! movie coming #Hollywood! Why NO #AltMedia covers #MariaButina #FBI Report where 80 $ scammed via #Mpls Fed Reserve WIRES! #MNleg #Butina #WinterWar

To: Bryan Cranston c/o Agents,
Date: 11/9/19
Subject: Breaking Bad Criminals, Adnan Saki 2/27/14 Murder, 2012 lawsuit

RE: Stolen Intellectual property for the 2015 Trumbo movie
Hi Bryan, say that Trumbo movie you made w Loius CK that we pushed to Colbert (a little 11/9/19 pagan date update for you fyi:)

The Trumbo movie ideas were actually a cute little HoneyPot BTW as part of Operation S.W.E.E.T. Christmas fyi:

(As we wrote the Colbert 12-25-2007 Emmy winning script on behalf of the U.S. Armed Forces as shown below BTW?)

It is NOTED that Colbert didn’t reply to any of our emails after we connected to his exec Emily Lazaar on Linkedin

So we really had no choice but to setup a honeypot and see if Colbert would take the bait?

Now we saw the INTEL that came out from some A Z guy about his Order of Jokes title

So we finally decided we would respond in a COMEDIC MANNER on this pretty serious THEFT ISSUE?

So really How funny would it be if the "Trumbo Blacklist movie folks"

were actually Blacklisted at the Mall of America and the Entire State of Minnesota

As a Result of STEALING the Intellectual property from Minnesota for the Tumbo movie?

Yea thats a pretty damn funny & SCARY Halloween joke I would say! ha! ha! ok Bryan, will share on your twitter,

Maybe you never knew about this little theft?

we will find out!

And I do have a remedy that will work to make this happen BTW.

Not an easy case for even THE Earth Sheriff™ to handle but today we have a great remedy in the works!

(It has taken many years, but we now have a great remedy, since Russian GUYSpy Maria Butina also scammed 80 via Mpls WIRES per FBI 2018 April Report.

kind of a BRANDING ISSUE, Me being the Earth Sheriff™ and all?

Cant really let Russian SPIES get away with stealing from MY TOWN! so yea Evil has crossed the line here I would say?

So just get back to me , and maybe we could have you do an official apology at the Mall of America?

Or by vid..

In any event. For my William Gately Operation #Casablanca2 Op,

I have my $50 BUCKS that You will be the 1st to apologize for this movie story idea and movie casting idea IP theft!

As far as the evidence that we have that this is true Bryan, a few points for you to review?

On 10/31/19 we put all the history back out to our webserver on this matter a documented here today:

The evidence clearly shows the Trumbo movie REDO was our idea as we put the spotlight on Loius CK and Bryan Cranston also with this idea.

1) we have emails about the Trumbo movie going to 4 times

a) (291 going to since Mon, Feb 4, 2008, 2:29 PM)

b) Wed, Oct 21, 2009, 9:53 PM

Sent: Sunday, October 18, 2009 9:41 PM


some details on a some serious health issues that caused this delay until now to respond to this THEFT in a proper manner

2) 162 total emails to

a) 6 Trumbo emails 2009, (10/18, 10/23)

b) Feb 15, 2010, 9:40 PM

an email that has a letter included documenting both Usher and “Spring Board Creative” as witnesses to the Trumbo movie idea being discussed as shown?

Usher expressed his devoted support for comedy centrals “The Colbert Report” show, which featured David
Sweet’s famous Jan 8th 2008 Emmy winning script, which in some ways is similar to the Dalton
Trumbo, Robert Rich, “Oscar Win” ghost writer script story, as shown on,
where Stephen T. Colbert shows off a newly found “legal script” during the 2008 writers strike, (The
academy did provide verbal accrediation for the Emmy Award win during a fall 2008 phone call).
“The new awards commercials are extremely funny and we expect this commercial series to
possibly win Advertising award’s ithemselves, as the amazing production company “Spring Board
Creative” in Atlanta, 3)

June 13th 2015 Proof also?


2/3/2015 Proof also?*/

b) 1/24/14 both pics were on the server for Bryan Cranston:

c) bryancranston-1000.jpg bryancranston.jpg


e) 3/28/15






We will get your agent a letter by 11/9/19 Bryan!

Little history on the word #Bullshit on 10/31/19 and why we have Halloween?

Halloween ELuminati Eve of the ELeven of 911 (Orange House of Death)

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