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FedBullies™ Dedicated to Mpls. MN GRAY STATE Filmmaker David Crowley, Wife/Child
Our XFiles-Spoof Vegas Area 51 Truther-Liar $ Bet Event will be so Fun!


a NASA Contract Fed WARNED Sept 17th, 2016 12:24 pm to Not Mess w Dead man Crowley or his Family!

or New MN Law will be DRAFTED BANNING ALL FED FUCKS From Mall of America FOREVER!


Fifty Shades of Grey BLOODY Pirates! ha! ha! ha! Curious?

The 2 hr Movie posted by Holy Hacker Jan 27, 2015 is Fake w Hypnosis MIND CONTROL!

w/o ANY Approval from David Crowleys Family members!

*** POSTED on Mpls MN City Council , MNLeg FB pages to document ***

*** Feds attacking MN Citizens via Social Media! ***

David ? ????? for the RECORD, if we see another threat to our Mall of America,

(like here 2 days after another CIA Linkedin IDIOT threatened me via a LI msg 2/19/15),

I will have Sen. XXXXX XXXXXXXXXX DRAFT a MN LAW, just for you Fed FUCKS BANNING YOU ALL from

SETTING FOOT in our Mall of America EVER AGAIN! and we will have a Special Meeting in Room 15

at our Capital to review your stupid ass messages on SOCIAL MEDIA!

(I will invite Mpls City Council

also via XXX XXXXXX and Mpls. XXXXX XXXXXX) mall-of-america-tightens-security-terror-threat/23839301/

RIP Mpls., MN Crowley family, as we EXPOSE 2/23/2016!

UFO DISINFO boy Tory Smith is "CABAL CRIMES MEDIA" so they can Brag!

CONFIRMED by our INTEL sources, as he would be dead from a drone yesterday! ha! ha! Tory Smith YT Channel does DISCLOSE all their weekly crimes thru July 13th 2016!

Yes Tory Smith did announce July 13th 2016
that he is done with his YT videos, (a few weeks after our June 23rd Warning post to him that he was going to an OFF PLANET Prison! ha! ha!) They love to HIDE STUFF IN PLAIN SIGHT! Their actual motto!

INFO Released on the Murder of Mpls., MN. Filmmaker David Crowley Solving this Mpls., MN Filmmakers murder for the Earth Sheriff™

"When I look at Crowley's DNA at the time of his death, it says he was murdered by 3 CIA agents named Ted, Brian, and Mark" ,

Makes sure to see all Tory Smith s Google Plus posts on Oprah, Obama made in a lab, and other Historical crime BRAGGING information!

Do Not Watch the Movie named:

FULL MOVIE Gray State The Rise By Assassinated filmmaker David Crowley Rough Draft Grey State

These are Dark Contract DISINFO Agents - see the Letter to and the Dark Contract Links!

This Movie has Hypnotic MIND CONTROL Programming DO NOT WATCH IT!

Watch the WARNING: Do NOT watch GRAY STATE! Video next!

Gray State - Official Concept Trailer - 2,430,624 views

Published on Aug 7, 2012


The world reels with the turmoil of war, geological disaster, and economic collapse, while Americans continue to submerge themselves in illusions of safety and immunity. While rights are sold for security, the federal government, swollen with power, begins a systematic takeover of liberty in order to bring about a New World Order. Americans, quarantined to militarized districts, become a population ripe for tyrannical control.

Fearmongering, terrorism, police state, martial law, war, arrest, internment, hunger, oppression, violence, resistance -- these are the new terms by which Americans define their existence. Neighbor is turned against neighbor as the value of the dollar plunges to zero, food supplies are depleted, and everyone is a terror suspect. There are arrests. Disappearances. Bio attacks. Public executions of those even suspected of dissent. Even rumors of concentration camps on American soil.

This is the backdrop to an unfolding story of resistance.

American militias prepare for guerilla warfare. There are mass defections from the military as true Patriots attempt to rally around the Constitution and defend liberty, preparing a national insurgency against federal forces, knowing full well this will be the last time in history the oppressed will be capable of organized resistance. It is a time of transition, of shifting alliance, of mass awakening and mass execution.

It is an impending storm, an iron-gray morning that puts into effect decades of over-comfort and complacency, and Americans wake up to an occupied homeland. It is a time of lists -- black list, white list, and those still caught in the middle,

those who risk physical DEATH for their FREE WILL and

those who $ SELL their SOULS (via Dark Contracts)

to maintain their idle thoughts and easy comforts.

It is in this Gray State that the perpetuation of human freedom will be contested, or crushed.

Is it the near future, or is it the present?

The Gray State is coming - by consent or conquest.

This is battlefield USA.

Watch in 720HD for best quality.

Watch a higher quality version of this trailer at Vimeo at

GRAY STATE Official Trailer #1 from #GRAYSTATE on Vimeo.

This is an independently produced concept trailer. We achieved our initial financial goals for the project - view the results at For additional details on where the project is now, visit

©2012 Hot Head Productions LLC

Hollywood Murder in Minneapolis of David Crowley Raises Questions The Next News Network

Published on Jan 20, 2015

A beautiful and promising family was shattered on Saturday when police in Apple Valley Minnesota were called to their home. A that said he saw 3 lifeless bodies on the front room floor and a handgun nearby. The neighbor had gone to check on the family because he had not seen them since before Christmas and the doorstep had weeks worth of packages accumulated on it.

When police arrived they found the bodies of filmmaker David Crowley, his wife Komel, a food blogger, and their 5 year old daughter Rani, all dead in an apparent murder suicide. v David was an up-and-coming hollywood filmmaker and screenwriter who was currently working on the development and production of this film “Gray State”

From the looks of that trailer Crowley wasn't going to make any friends in Washington DC. The police have already labeled the events “suspicious” and an investigation is ongoing. The question is now raised. Who stands to gain from the death of David Crowley?

Insiders close to Crowley stated on social media that GRAY STATE was funded to the tune of 30 MILLION dollars. A-list actors had already signed on to the picture. Crowley was going to be an Associate Producer - and watch his script come to life on the silver screen. The stars were aligned for his success.

Now, the Daily Mail in the UK is painting Crowley as a gun fanatic. They published this photo from Crowley’s Twitter account. However when you look at the whole tweet you get the real story: all of those guns are airsoft guns, similar to paintball guns and not a massive arsenal of assault weapons. Crowley also owned a company that taught actors how to use prop guns in movies - leaning on his 5 years of military service and 1 tour of Iraq.

Speculations abound among his supporters. A facebook page titled “Justice for David Crowley of Gray State” now has over 800 likes. Their mission is to see Crowley’s film created and they declare “David Crowley did not murder his family, nobody is buying their bullcrap story.”

Chilling Police audio has now been released, revealing that the back sliding door was left ajar:

As the investigation continues, more questions are raised. v Was the back door left open by the murderer?

Did the Government want to silence him and his film?

Did Crowley pose a threat to the Hollywood interests who may have wanted to distort the message of his film?

Murder suicide? Well… the jury is still out.

That is your Entertainment Extra.




Meet the Next News Team:

Hashtag: #N3

Do Not Watch the Movie named:

FULL MOVIE Gray State The Rise By Assassinated filmmaker David Crowley Rough Draft Grey State

These are Dark Contract DISINFO Agents - see the Letter to and the Dark Contract Links!

This Movie has Hypnotic MIND CONTROL Programming DO NOT WATCH IT!

Watch the WARNING: Do NOT watch GRAY STATE! Video next!


Better Call Saul, Vince & Bryan Cranston! (as we: Break Bad!)

BETTER Call Robert De Niro too, just to be safe! ha! ha!


Our Earth Sheriff™ Findings CONFIRMED by Mr. W.

( Mr. W. is a DC City Attorney Whistleblower that gave permission to make his statement public)

On 6/21/15, 5:25 AM, Mr. W. wrote:
Mr. Sweet:

Thank you for accepting my "friend" request. I really appreciate and admire what you are doing.

There are very few people Brave Enough to be as Outspoken about the Truth as you are.

Please let me know if there is Anything I can do to Help the cause?


Mr. W.

Be The Target™ ?

Dont Forget Part of Pirate Captain J.P. Morgans
TOP SECRET plan to Steal EVERYONES Money on Planet Earth, A Pirates Dream Come True!

The Adnan Sakli Estate legal signatory of BIS3
that controls all banking transactions on Earth!

Published on Mar 16, 2014 In a private Skype conferance call from 2013, he talks about what it has been like to fight off the criminal elements in the global economic landscape.
He wanted the world to know what the reality of the situation is.
Therefore it is released after his death, 28, Feb. 2014. The accounts are in "lock down"
This is why the TPP/TTIP is Illegal folks! See the Green Peace 5/5/2016 leaks!

Mr. Adnan Sakli owns 311,000 USA corps for the Chinese bailouts he did 1987-2014!

including those doing SLAVE MINING on Mars, Moon, and Saturn bases!

Published on Mar 7, 2013 The world KNEW little of what had happened at the top of the chain of banking systems? Mr. Adnan Sakli had replaced the traditional leadership - without public knowledge - and WAS offering the world nations release from debt under certain conditions? The economic war must end to save humanity to

Honor Mr. Adnan Saklis Final wishes!


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