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Sorry Obama, No Red Carpet for You! ha! ha!™

For our Comedy Fans a Little History on this Mall of America Joke for You? ha! ha!

We wrote the NOW FAMOUS Sorry Evil No Heaven for YOU™ joke December 2015,

for an ex USG INTEL Spy that said he was done being Evil?

He even shared a picture pointing to heaven with his new hand sign! ha! ha!

He really wanted on the Heaven VIP List! ha! ha!

Sadly in Jan 2016, he blew his chance as many issues came up?

Heaven aka 5th dimension has very strict ADMISSION RULES we share via UFO Lou?

On our June 7th Radio show, we shared about the MANDELLA EFFECT, and we looked for global comedy on this subject for our

Comedy for Mall of America Stores We Love WatchPickWin™

productions in dev. In July 2016 we took this picture at the Mall of America:


While we began working on our Mall of America comedy medias...


Michael MJ, a CERN 2.0 Director, Liked this joke we posted on Linkedin

(an inside CERN scientist joke )

On July 10th we posted the picture on our , June 23rd Earth Sheriff™ Linkedin post

as we conducted analysis of CERN and global comedy for our

WatchPickWin™ medias that would promote:

Comedy for Mall of America Stores We Love!™

On September 6th, 2016 we posted this update on Linkedin:

Thx Michael MJ on the Obama No Staircase Joke!


I now KNOW the Chinese Royal family likes their New PBC™ comedy network!

and Comedy G20 History was then made! ha! ha!

G20 ‘staircase snub’ for Obama was United States’ decision, reveals Chinese official

Barack Obama 'deliberately snubbed' by Chinese in chaotic arrival at G20

Confrontations Flare as Obama’s Traveling Party Reaches China

After Snubbing Obama, China Gives Putin Red Carpet Treatment, Warns Against Protectionism At G-20

No red carpet treatment for Obama at G20, China says he never asked

China rolls out red carpet for Vladimir Putin at G20. Obama forced to exit Air Force One from emergency door

Beijing blames 'big-headed' US media for red carpet furor

Death Stare Between Obama And Putin Sparks The Photoshop Battle It Deserves

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Featured PBC™ Comedy Talent to be

OFFICIALLY PRESENTED to the Chinese Royal family?

"The Trillionaire Magnet"

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to Celebrate the New World Comedy Order! ha! ha!


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Earth Sheriff™ Facebook Exec Mpls. MN Dave Goldberg Murder Coverup!
Meet Candice @BikinLuxe, ALL Warriors via THE Earth Sheriff™!


Learn more about Prince TRUTH™ and how comedian Dick Gregory influenced his life to

STAY AWAY from Secret Evil Entertainment SECRET Satan Worshippers!

that Abby Martin #PodestaEmail and #Pizzagate EXPOSED!

Abby Martin Exposes John Podesta (Empire Files) #PizzaGate

We honor Comedian Jerry Seinfeld with our Earth Sheriff™ Joke for Evil! ha! ha!

Sorry EVIL, No Heaven for YOU! ha! ha! ha!™



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EXCLUSIVE June 7th 2016 Radio Show:

EarthSheriff™ Sorry Evil NO HEAVEN for YOU!™ ha! ha!

Interview w REAL TALK Michaella and Emmy Award Winning Comedy GHOST Writer David Sweet!

Learn Never before Told Secrets about UFO Lou, Mandella Effect, Willie Nelson and

Evil that may soon kill him?

EXCLUSIVE 3/11/16 Radio X-Files REAL TALK w Michaella Interview w Emmy Award Winning Comedy Ghost Writer David Sweet!

Learn Never before Told Secrets about THE COLBERT REPORT 1/8/2008 Script

and Casper The Friendly Ghost joke, Trumbo movie Ghost Writer Connection!