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The Designers of Planet Earth
The title of this work is simply "TEXT"

For years there have been basically two sets of books kept on the Planet Earth.
The set for the elite were called "text books" and they contained the Truth. The set of books for ordinary people were known [to the elite] as X-Text which means bad text or text filled with dis-information and propaganda with just a tiny bit of real truth to give them some sense of credibility.

This book is in the for real "TEXT" format and it is not just for the elite - it is for everyone
- for all the humans living on the Earth everywhere without regard to Caste or race or sex or anything else. This has not been done before, and the Author must confess that he went through a good bit of "interference" from various sources in the process of preparing this book which has been his life's work.

Therefore, I trust that the generations who will use this book will share with me the some of the joy and fulfillment that I have experienced in the process of preparing this material.

85% MIND CONTROLLED Harvested Souls on Earth!

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at 2:10, Ed Slade explains 1/3 of Angels Pissed, Mess Up Gods Plans BIG TIME!

Ed Slade is the only Area 51 Scientist who actually worked with the demonic "aliens" who are really just fallen angels
or their creations. He designed the lunar lander rocket motor and met famous people from around the world. Hear his story
and share it everywhere!

at 2:10, Ed Slade explains 1/3 of Angels pissed, since man has free will,(they dont),
so they come to Earth to mess plans up, since they are immortal, so they bang the women, and have kids,
chg prayer day from Saturday to Sunday. to mess Gods plans up as much as they can! Why they created the
?#?Illuminati? and ?#?ALL? ?#?RELIGIONS? to mess with God! 10 Commandments and Jesus teachings
are NOT Religion at 2001 The Zohar was made public, (22 Alien books that made the REAL Bible),
so many spin doctors trying to keep it secret still! How Why Aliens wrote most SPIN DR Bibles to CONTROL THEM!
(Adam created 8th day to look after humans)

Ed Slade - Area 51 Scientist Tells All - Part 2

We are Ambassadors for Christ, the Spirit gives birth to things that are SPIRITUAL, NOT Religious!


My fellow citizens,

It is time to expose the covert controllers of mankind. I assure you this is not speculation, a hoax,
or simply the figment of peoples imagination.

These parasitic creatures are real and they need to be dealt with immediately so mankind can evolve
to the next level of existence.

Before reading further, please listen to my in-depth interview with Australian shaman Steve Richards
about this very sensitive subject. We must take responsibility for our relationships with these creatures.
Intention, Agreement and Manifestation are key...
Updated December 11, 2014
Robert M. Stanley

Monuments of the Archons - Robert Stanley

The Pleiadian Connection - Full Documentary

illuminati matrix what in the world is going on




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